Attention Teachers:

Classroom and Science Teachers:

Supplement your health – focused elementary science units with this practical book.

Reading Teachers:

Use this book with students who have special reading needs. You will find both the subject matter and its presentation very attractive.

Social Studies Teachers:

  • Incorporate this worthwhile text into elementary social studies programs that introduce various professions. In this way, students will have the opportunity to learn about the important work of radiologists and radiology technicians/assistants.
  • Make it supplemental reading for units on ancient civilizations. Children will learn how radiologists assist archeologists in understanding the ancient past.

Physical Education Teachers:

Integrate this guide into your physical education classes. Young athletes will better understand how their sports injuries may be diagnosed and treated.

Order now using either a convenient and secure PayPal or credit card payment system. Within minutes, an illustrated 29 page English language pdf version of TAKE A PEEK INSIDE: A Child’s Guide to Radiology Exams will be yours.

In addition, you may now order either the Hebrew
בואו נסתכל פנימה: מדריך ילדים לבדיקות דימות or the Arabic
هيا ننظر إلى الداخل: دليل الأطفال للفحوصات بالأشعة paperback version of the text.
It will be mailed to your home or work place.

Enjoy the introductory price of $ 10.00, plus a per book registered mail fee of $ 3.00 and a per book handling charge of $1.50 (totalling $ 14.50).
Order now using a convenient and secure PayPal payment system. Within approximately 2 business weeks, an illustrated 29 page paperback version of either  هيا ننظر إلى الداخل: دليل الأطفال للفحوصات بالأشعة or
בואו נסתכל פנימה: מדריך ילדים לבדיקות דימות will be yours.

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