Professional Reviews

''החוברות נהדרות!''

“The workbooks are great!”

(English translation of Hebrew comment)

Diana Gaitini, MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Director Ultrasound Unit
Department of Medical Imaging
Rambam Health Care Campus
Faculty of Medicine
Technion Israel Institute of Technology

September 20, 2011

''הספר ממש יפה, וידידותי לילדים. הרעיון מקורי ומרגש....''

“The book is really lovely, child-friendly, original and exciting….” (English translation of Hebrew comment)

An administrator of Israeli radiology technicians
February 2011

THIS BOOK provides an easy introduction to radiology for children, young people, adults and health professionals. Presented in the first person, it has a colorful layout with rhetorical questions to maintain interest and explanations of jargon, and will appeal to younger audiences because it will not be perceived as an overload of information.

Health professional will need further resources for a more detailed overview but the book does demonstrate how to explain different radiology examinations to a child, for example magnetic resonance imaging, to help reduce anxiety and make the procedure a positive experience.

Sarah Mill, third-year undergraduate child branch student
Cardiff University
Paediatric Nursing
November 2010, Volume 22, Number 9

The e-book Take a Peek Inside: A Child's Guide to Radiology Exams is a “must have” for any physician or radiology center that provides care to pediatric patients. This book can certainly allay the fears that are often encountered when a child is brought into the imaging room whenever an x-ray, ultrasound or CT may be performed.

The AAUCM [American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine] recommends Take a Peek Inside: A Child's Guide to Radiology Exams for all Urgent Care providers.

To learn more, go to

Accessed April 6, 2010


Knowing about something you are about to undergo reduces anxiety. An educational writer named Deborah Rubin Fields has produced a 29-page, English-language electronic book called Take a Peek Inside: A Child’s Guide to Radiology Exams that is aimed at young children. The $8 volume, which appears in a PDF format, can be ordered via e-mail from

Besides offering the facts, the child-friendly e-book contains jokes, riddles, visual aids, instructive sidebars and an index and is relevant to those who will undergo an x-ray, ultrasound, a CT or MRI scan. When their parents read it to them or they read the book themselves, young patients will very likely suffer from less stress.

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich

The Jerusalem Post's Health & Science Reporter Internet Edition Click Health & Sci Tech

Published Sunday, March 7, 2010

Simultaneously published on page 6 of the print edition of the March 7, 2010 Jerusalem Post in Health Scan column.

“I enjoyed her book…it is terrific! “

Mike Linver, MD
Albuquerque NM

November 9, 2009